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7-10 December 2017 | Cameroon


Cameroon is one of the fastest growing region on the Africa continent, located on middle-west Africa. Its population is around 23 million. The country is the member of CEMAC and imports most of its industrial good needs. Thanks to its location, Cameroon is the main country for shipping transportation in the region which makes it more and more important for investing in. Cameroon has a different profile rather than most of African countries. High level of literacy and the tenders for local bussiness holders create great opportunities to make bussiness there. To find your place in this emerging market, book your stand now!!

Cameroon Auto Expo 2016 will take place in 7-10 December 2017. The exhibition aims to bring both international sellers and local buyers together. As mentioned above, the country is in the process of development in the whole country and that is the main reason why its need for export of automative materials has been growing year by year. There is also lack of entrepreneurs which creates a huge protential for international sellers. To be part of Cameroon's automotive industry and get the chance of reach futher markets on Africa continent, Cameroon Auto Expo can be your entrance.

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