Automotive Parts and Systems

  • Airbags, Air-Conditioning, Heating, Cooling Systems, Electronic Systems,
  • Body Parts, Brakes, Bumpers, Cables, Clutches, Batteries, Axle, Bearings,
  • Exhaust & Fuel System Components, Fasteners, Filter, Radiator, Rubber Parts,
  • Sealing Rings, Seats, Cockpits, Panoramic Roofs, Folding Roofs, Frame, Gasket,
  • Sensor Systems, Shock Absorber, Spark Plug, Speedometer,
  • Trims, Tyres, Windows, Suspensions,Transmission,

Automotive Accessories

  • Automobile Hood, Balms, Bursting Disk, Car Fragrance,
  • Cover Car, Cover Seats, Cushion, Wheel,
  • Equipment for Vehicle, Locks, Ornaments, Helmet, Safety Belt, Safety Glass
  • Interior Equipment & Accessories, Outdoor Items,, Sun Visors, Sunshades.

Automotive Electronics Devices

  • Air-Conditioners, Refrigerators,
  • Automated Door and Windows, Car Audio, TV Sets,
  • GPS System, Lighting/Signaling, Positioning and Monitoring System
  • Reversing Radar, Satellite Navigation, Security System.
  • Additives, Air Fresheners, Car Cleaning, Car Wash & Car Care Service,
  • Detergent, Coating, Material Coating, Polishers, Varnish, Wax,
  • Bodywork Repair & Painting, , Equipment for Repair and Services,
  • Lubricants, Station System, Tire Fitting, Work Clothing

Tools/Dies & Machine

  • Casting, Forging, Jig & Metal Forming, Sharpening,
  • Mould & Dies, Polishing Machine,,
  • Safety Gear Spanners, Screwdriver, Tool Kits, Wrenches

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