Cameroon is the most important economy in the Central African Economic and Monetary Community (CEMAC) owing to its demography (23 million inhabitants), a surface area of 475 442 KM² , its geographical situation, and its diversified economy (agriculture, oil & gas sectors etc). Moreover, Cameroon enjoys peace and political stability.

Around 4000 brand new cars are sold in one year and the rest of the vehicle sale consists of second hand cars. Thus, spare part, repair and maintenance industry is playing a crucial role in automotive sector in the country.

Economic growth is expected to accelerate over the next five years period, from an official estimate of 4.1% to an average of 4.5%, as the country is in the implementation process of the firts phase of its longterm development plan Vision Cameroon 2035.

According to the UNCTAD World Investment Report, foreign investors have recently expressed renewed interest in Cameroon. The main reason for this renewal of interest lies to a large extent in improved policies: liberalization of markets, greater macro-economic and political stability, a constantly improving business climate and confidence in market mechanisms and private initiative. These improvements will continue and it is highly likely that the renewed investment interest will keep maintained.

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